Monday, February 20, 2006

Club Masa

Yesterday we went up the Sigatoka valley into the heart of Fiji. It was a long, slow 2 hour bus ride through the mountains. It was worth it though, just to see 3 Fiji cops riding the bus to get to a crime scene. Only in Fiji.
Once we made it to this tiny little village, we took a boat across to get to this cave. Now when I heard boat, I assumed something with an engine, or at the very least oars or poles to propel us across the Sigatoka River. No dice. Instead, a Fijian guy got into the water, up to his neck, and pushed the boat as he walked across the river. It ended up taking about 15 mins to cross a 4 meter wide river. Once across we trekked for about an hour to get to the Naihehe cave, and a local chief took us through and told us all the traditions of the cave. All in all it was a great trip, and a good excuse to take a break from surfing and let my sunburn heal. Photos to follow, having some trouble with the internet here.


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