Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Caledonia Photos part deux

On Lifou, in the Loyalty Islands. This is Le Grotte de la Joyeux Luengoni.

Below is the inside of the cave. A French nature TV show did an episode on the cave, and made the local tour guide, Noel Pia, something of a celebrity. They dived to the bottom of the underground lake, which went down 150 metres.

Here is the view from Chez Noel Pia. This is the place where I was abandoned at night by the owner. I think the French nature show could have done an episode on the insect life inside the bathrooms of the guesthouse. It was hands down the most squalid place I've ever stayed at.

Ma Famille Francais, with whom I did the cave tour with Noel (in the middle).


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