Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The (premature) end

I'm sad to inform you, Constant Reader, that this will be the last post of my trip. I've just been in Vanuatu for a week, and after spending 5 days on Tanna island, sleeping next to an active volcano and all sorts of fun stuff, I came back to "civilization"/Port Vila, the capital, and upon opening my email received some very sad news from home. So I'm heading back to Vancouver, as quick as possible, which will probably see me returning on Sunday. I'm going to make the most of my few days here, and get a couple more dives in, visit the Survivor beach here in Vanuatu, and maybe do some more surfing in Fiji. When I get home, I'll have all the time and bandwidth I need to post my photos here for all to see and (hopefully) enjoy.

So until I'm back in the Great White North,



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